Russian born painter Tanja seriously started portrait painting only in 2013, and clearly she has found her destiny. Faces are her trademark and also her passion.

Her work has an unrivalled quality, the powerful and direct eye contact literally penetrates the viewer whilst the faces show great fragility and deep emotions at the same time.

In contrast to Tanja’s calm and quiet personality, her paintings depict an incredible  power and very often, a face fills the entire canvas and the person’s feelings behind the face are almost tangible. You can see the truthfulness of the saying: The eyes are the mirror of your soul.

Tanja has had exhibitions mainly in Switzerland where she now lives with her family. I discovered Tanja’s work not long ago through friends and have been fascinated by these portraits ever since.

The exhibition of Tanja’s work will be one of the highlights of the 2020 / 2021 schedule, and I look forward to hosting Tanja at Rudy Buhler Art – “The Colour Project”